11233 Beach Blvd #19

Jacksonville FL 

                               Dustin Burnette

                                                                      “Show me a man with a tattoo, and
                                                                       I'll show you a man with an interesting past.” 
                                                                       ― Jack London

Originally from Houston, Texas,  I moved to Florida when I was 17. I completed my first tattoo in 2012, 3 months into my apprenticeship. At that time, I was still going to art school, and working part-time. Right from the start, I felt a true passion for body art. I realize what an awesome responsibility and honor it is when people have an incredible amount of trust and allow me tattoo them.  After 1 year,  I completed my apprenticeship at Jimmy'z Ink, and decided it was time to move on.  I was fortunate enough to land here, at Peacocks Tattoo Studio.

People often ask me what style of artwork I prefer doing. I like  so many different styles, but I tend to really get involved in the more realistic styles, and black and grey artwork. As you can see from my  portfolio, I am not committed to just one style. I like to mix it up. I prefer working on customer ideas and mental content, as it is more satisfying bringing people's ideas to skin. I consider all of my client's body art to be equally important, and all are prepared and designed as if it were for my own skin.

Thank you for spending time on checking out my artwork, and I hope to see you soon!